• Samyang stir fried cup noodle extremely spicy

    Samyang Stir-Fried Cup Noodle EXTREMELY SPICY 105g each cup

    From 2015/08/01 £1.30

  • Baba's meat curry powder

    BABA'S Assorted Curry Powder or Mix now in stock from each pack

    From 2015/08/01 £1.65

  • Kailan %281%29

    Local Organic Kailan approx. 3kg per box

    From 2015/08/01 £8.50

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Visit HWH supermarket for everything on your Asian grocery list. Here you will find the extensive selection of products from all over the Asia.

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Connaught Building, 58-60 George Street,
Manchester M1 4HF
T: 0161 228 6182
F: 0161 236 3988

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About Us

There are only a few good Chinese supermarkets in Manchester Chinatown, Hang Won Hong is definitely one of them. The supermarket is situated in the heart of Chinatown, a few hundred yard walking distance from the famous Chinese arch Manchester.

The multi-award winning supermarket was established over 20 years ago by a well-known Chinese entrepreneur in Chinatown. Nowadays, his business venture has grown into a multidimensional cooperation in food industry across the Northwest of England. His very early business establishment Hang Won Hong focuses on introducing Asia's finest quality food to Chinese communities in United Kingdom.

You will be very surprised to discover that the supermarket sells almost everything from basic chopsticks to freshly sourced seafood. It is truly a food shopper’s paradise to hunt for the next great Chinese and oriental recipes at an affordable price. We are confident that you will find almost everything here for your next great Chinese dishes.