Special Offers

Discover our special offers and great discounts! We love festival celebrations, from Chinese New Year to Moon Cake Festivals, HWH is delighted to offer a wide range of seasonal special offers and discounts. In addition, we offer a 5% student discount, restrictions apply.

  • Samyang stir fried cup noodle extremely spicy

    Samyang Stir-Fried Cup Noodle EXTREMELY SPICY 105g each cup

    From 2015/08/01 £1.30

  • Baba's meat curry powder

    BABA'S Assorted Curry Powder or Mix now in stock from each pack

    From 2015/08/01 £1.65

  • Kailan %281%29

    Local Organic Kailan approx. 3kg per box

    From 2015/08/01 £8.50